Hi Jimmy
Received the OD 35 safe and sound at work this afternoon and excitedly pulled it out of its packaging and placed it on my desk. I couldn't plug in at work but I sure could admire the craftsmanship the cosmetics displayed. Absolutely beautiful, and once I got home and plugged in, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the sounds coming from your creation. I hear lots of tones that remind me of my favorite amps over the years but I also hear tones that are new and unique unlike any I have ever heard. The OD 35 has all the sounds I was looking for and them some, and after 4 hours of non stop playing I know I have only scratched the surface. No buyers remorse on this one! Thanks for all your help in getting this amp in my hands!!!
-- Mark

Hey Jimmy
After gigging with the OD-75 all weekend and the past 2 nights I've come to 2 conclusions. One, you're a freakin' genius and two, I'm done! This is hands down the greatest sounding, looking and performing amplifier I've ever owned. It's taken over 30 years of playing to find this amp, a perfect mate. My deepest thanks and appreciation for what you do!
All the best,
-- Mark Dziuba (Director of Jazz Studies, SUNY University)

Just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on my Princeton Reverb. I've heard they're great little amps and I had in my head what I wanted it to sound like. Last night I fired it up, set the volume to 4, set the bass to 5, the treble to 5, and the reverb to 5, thinking I would tweak from there. I plugged in my Fender SRV and MAGIC! I sat back, played for about 2 and a half hours and never once turned a dial. Awesome tone, no fuss / no muss! I really appreciate you keeping the original parts for me as well. Thanks again - your great service has brought a smile to my face.
Best Regards,

A year later and Iím still lovin' my OD-35. Thatís a record for me! Thanks Jimmy...you've made my life easier by not gassing any longer :)

Hey Jimmy and Dan,
I just wanted to drop a quick line thanking you two for the incredible job you did yesterday on my Bassman. I got home around 4pm and didn't stop playing till just past midnight. The amp is a whole other beast than before. Every note is clearer, defined and it packs a bigger punch. I had a vision in my head for what it would sound like one day, but you guys blew past that. I really appreciate you guys taking care of me and doing my amp while I waited, the end result far exceeded my expectations. Once again thank you Jimmy and Dan, you guys are the best!

For my entire pro career Iíve been searching for the ultimate in true tone, but was just never able to ďdial it inĒ completely in any of the off the shelf guitar amps. But, all that changed when I plugged into my Sommatone Roaring 40. From large concert halls to smaller club venues, the tone is so consistently rich and fat, and has the most true and natural tube sustain Iíve ever experienced. And the bonusÖ my smokiní Roaring 40 gave me the ability to lighten up my pedal board, too. Quite simply, Iím hookedÖ Thanks Jimmy!
--Alan Grant (Primitive Soul)

Good morning. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the fantastic work you and Danny did on my Vox and my guitar. As you know, there are few things more gratifying than plugging into your rig and feeling like you just slipped on your favorite old pair of shoes. I so connected last night! The Vox sounded so great and the guitar was like butter in my hands! I really got off on all of the different tones I was producing though that pickup selector and by riding the volume knob. It worked like a charm and was very comfortable. Success!

Thanks so much for taking such great care of me and so promptly! Of course I will continue to recommend Sommatone to my friends whenever the topic arises.

Have a great weekend!

Hi Jimmy,
The amp is amazing! It sounds great, even better than we realized!
Thanks for everything,

The amp now sounds and performs like the day I bought it, as promised. You guys do excellent work. I just recommended you to a friend who plays professionally last nite. He had heard one of your amps at a gig, very impressed, but was not aware you were local and did repairs as well. The word will continue to spread. Best of luck with the business. I think the future is as bright as the sound of my old Fender.

Thanks for all the advice and assistance you've provided lately. The Roaring 40 is the best amp I have ever used, period. I first got the amp used, and the previous owner had expiremented with tubes and speakers and the amp was still quite astounding, but I could tell there was greater potential. I used it as is, for a gig, then changed the tubes per your recommendation and saw a huge improvement, but the most eye-opening revelation came after I replaced the speaker with the Private Jack that you recommended! It renewed my opinion that when a builder chooses components for an amp he/she does so for a good reason. This amp simply came alive (and it was QUITE alive before!) I am simply amazed at the tone. All the buzz-phrases apply: touch sensitivity, clean-to-mean with guitar volume, punch, clarity, growl, etc.... I have learned what all these really mean after several gigs with my Roaring 40. The best Master Volume on the planet, it really works. I found my favorite settings and when going from large venue to small, simply adjust the master and I always have the same tonal quality, same reaction to pickup changes, same clarity - absolutely no difference except for the volume - that's what a MV is supposed to do, but this is the first one I have found that does it right. On other quality about this amp is the way it does all the Vox / Marshall / Fender qualities people look for, but it shines through with it's own unique character. I was always searching for 'my' tone, and I liked some of each of the amps mentioned, but too many builders stick to the recipe for one or the other. If I wanted strictly Fender, I would just buy a Fender. The Sommatone has subtle qualities that are slightly reminicsent of them, but it is definitely it's own tone. Thanks for building such a fantastic amp. My only regret is the amount of playing time that my other amps will now be getting. The Roaring 40 is my go-to amp today, and will be for the foreseeable future! Thanks!!!

I know I only have the prototype, but I had a small window tonight to play it properly--loud (pathetic but a reality of family life!) and damn its an amazing amp. What's exceptional is that you can do so much with it so well. I was playing some pretty heavy stuff and it killed. This amp always surprises me. Anyone that sells one doesn't really know how to listen. It remains my best amp!

Thank you for always being there to help, whether it be repairing my guitars, troubleshooting a head or just answering my inane questions on the phone. You are a true gentleman and your work is immpeccable. The silverface Deluxe Reverb you "blackfaced" for me is one of the amps I still have and it still sings thanks to you. You are an absolute neccessity for all the players in the tri-state area and I commend you for your willingness to help, your honesty and fair prices. Don't ever move!

I just wanted to tell you again how much fun I'm having with the Roaring-40. I'm playing so much different material. I've started to get into some jazz. The amp sounds so warm and lush, with each note articulated so clearly. On my old amp, once you got into any kind of extended chord it sounded terrible. I've been trying my hand at some Wes Montgomery tunes, and it just sounds fantastic. Also, all neighbors were gone yesterday, and I really got to open her up. Oh my god! It's so visceral. The overdrive responds so well to my guitars volume control. I was pulling off some pinched harmonics that just sustained forever. If was so friggin cool! The clean tones will make you weep... don't know what more I could say about it. It sounds better than my Taylor acoustic. Thanks for everything. You've really done something special.

I wanted to get a little time with the Roaring-40 before I wrote you... it is the BALLS! Just unreal! I think I can pretty much put all my pedals away. My signal chain is reduced to guitar-wah-amp. It's changed my playing style instantly! The clarity of the notes, even with some distortion is amazing. The clean tones are just... my wife came in from the other room and had to do a double take. She couldn't believe it was me playing. I love the settings for the Bright British Crunch too. I can gush over this thing forever. I don't know how to thank you enough. I feel so fortunate to have come across you and your amps. I'd venture to say I would give up my PRS before I'd ever part with this amp. It is a work of art. Thanks!

I just wanted to write to you and thank you again for the work you did on my Les Paul a few weeks ago. I swear, before I brought it in to you it would go out of tune if the wind blew. I haven't had ANY tuning problems since I got it back. Thanks again!

The amp is UNREAL. It put the Suhr Badger that we have in the shop to shame (Not to mention every other lower wattage amp we have heard recently.) We are very excited to be doing business with you and look forward to trying out the Roaring 20 and 40 amps. (I also will be ordering a Slick 18 for myself as soon as I get some funds together.) Thanks again for the killer amp!!

It was a pleasure meeting you Friday at Chris'. I'm so glad you were able to be there and bring your amp. As you know, I was absolutely FLOORED by the Roaring 20. Through Chris and Keith have had the pleasure of hearing quite of few of the leading boutique amps. I have to tell you that yours is the best sounding one I have heard so far. The amount of great tones in it are endless. Plus, you were very smart in making sure the amp has plenty of great sounding gain on tap. It is quite rare to have that much gain happening in a 20 watt combo.
-- John

I played the Roaring-40 last night until my fingers were raw. I can’t believe this amp!! I am speechless!! I was able to dial in the tones that have been stuck in my head for years. I finally set my mind free.
Thank you so much,
-- Ant

Hi Jimmy
The amp and cab arrived safe and sound. As I have written to the guys at Fatsound, I am not sure what I can write without sounding like the typical honeymoon phase gushing. In my 20 years of tone chasing, this would have to be the best amp purchase I have made. Incredible fat organic overdrive, lush reverb, and your master volume is unbelievable! I have a pedal board of boutique pedals that was completely off while I was getting to know your amp, and did not feel anything was missing. A Les Paul direct into the OD-35 absolutely rocks! Of course you know this already. Thank you for building such a great instrument.
Thanks again,

Hey Jimmy
Thanks for resurrecting my Fender Deluxe Reverb! I Just wanted to let you know that the amp sounds AWESOME! It's definitely like having a brand new piece of gear. I was never really able to bond with the amp after 38 years of having it until now. Great job! It was also a pleasure dealing with you from a business perspective. You are professional and provide thoughtful and friendly customer service.
Take care.

I am just writing to tell you guys how much I love my Overdrive-35. It's every bit as much an instrument as any guitar! The overdriven tones are just so incredibly rich and musical while retaining the clarity of the notes. It never turns to mud. I can't believe the Master Volume control, it's so superior to the built in attenuator I have on another "boutique" amp. The possibilities with the Overdrive-35 are endless. The build quality is stellar, the thing is a tank. Everything else is now obsolete. I will never give this amp up....I want to be buried with it! Thanks so much for everything!

I brought my Epiphone Les Paul in recently for the installation of new pickups, coil-splitting tone pots, volume pots and a pickup selector switch. I also had the guitar set-up and restrung. Just to let you know, my band played our first gig this past Friday, and I was VERY HAPPY with the work you guys did on my guitar. The tonal variety I am now able to get from the guitar by splitting the humbuckers, etc. is great and really adds to my guitar playing. Many thanks for the quality workmanship and quick turnaround.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the fender amp you repaired and tuned up. It sounds completely different. Much warmer and more full. The drummer asked me if it was a different amp! My son told me you guys were good but it is still nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Hey Jimmy,
THANK YOU for putting the JOY back in my 335!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to complete the picture with the Roaring-40! Oh Yeah!!!

Hi Jimmy,
Just wanted to tell you how incredible the Roaring 40 w/2x12 cab sounded at a Jazz gig I did this week. It felt like I was playing a baritone sax! The dynamic range of my playing has never been this pronounced through a rig. It's as if the amp knows me (sorry for the drama) but that's what it feels like! I've always been a combo guy but now I understand the head/cab concept. Thank you so much for this fantastic instrument!
--Mark Dziuba (Director of Jazz Studies, SUNY University)

Hey Jimmy,
I want to tell you how happy I am with the re-fret on the í74 Jazz bass. You did a really GREAT job. Your attention to detail with the fret work is really impressive! The bass plays like a new instrument. Thanks again!

I dropped off my red Gibson SG for intonation issues in the beginning of July. I recently came across the receipt and it occurred to me that I had forgotten to send a follow-up e-mail. After months of despair playing this broken guitar, you managed to give it a second life. Thanks for all the work, great job!

"They make great class A hand-wired amps. I use a 40 watt that's switchable down to 20 watts. It's really an incredible amp! I've owned Fender Deluxes, Marshall JCM800's and lots of other amps, but this is the best one I've ever owned. I really love it."
--Jason Isbell (Vintage Guitar Interview)

Hi Jimmy,
I realize a Deluxe Reverb RI is not cutting edge or trendy, but when I plugged in last night I discovered I had a NEW amp! The strange thing is: I used to think this amp sounded 'good' when I first got it! Thanks for setting the bias to whatever the "right" temperature is. Besides, a compliment to the nice folks at Eminence the Tung Sol, and Mullard tubes would probably be lost in the haze of the old speaker. Thanks to you & Dan, for such professional, prompt, and pleasant work. For what it is worth, I will fit your name into all of my message board entries - whenever appropriate.
-- Rob

I just purchased a used/like new condition red tolex Slick-18 1X12 combo. I have played just about every boutique amp available and I must say, this is the most fantastic sounding amplifier that I have ever played. I have many blackface and tweed amps in my collection and I sell musical gear on ebay for a living. I bought this to resell, but no way, I'm keeping it for myself. Thanks for building a great amp!
-- Cheers, Jim

I had one of the most fantastic times of my musical life at the Philly Guitar show--no kidding. I've been playing over 30 years, and I've had some really inspired moments and discoveries over that time. Your 20-watt amp is a serious tone machine! From the first note I played, I could just tell that I was into something really special. You do amazing work! Your amp is the best combination of tweed clean and plexi drive I've ever played. These are the two tones--and everything in between--I could live with forever.
-- Tim

Hi Jim,
I tried the modded BF Bassman last night, with the master volume you added. With my standard SG, the bass channel is perfect AC/DC... great sound. And the clean channel is like you said--100% blackface clean. The amp is a gem! Also, the Gibson Melody Maker you repaired for me sounds fantastic... it really sparkles!
Thanks for the great work,
-- Bill

Hey Jim,
The mod that you did on my TS-9 takes it to a whole 'nother world... amazing! I haven't had the opportunity to use it too much, but in the house, it's awesome.
Thanks again,
-- Jeff

Just wanted to say thanks for putting in the new pickups. They look and sound fantastic. The bass looks so beautiful now, i don't know if i feel comfortable playing it!
Thanks again,
-- Adam

Just wanted to let you know I got the od/ boost pedal yesterday & I like it a lot. It now occupies valuable real estate on my pedal board. I am very satisfied with it. Thanks for making a fine product.
-- Curtis

What a pleasure meeting you. I would have gladly doubled the distance
getting to you knowing there was such a talent at the other end. Thanks to you the Matchless is rocking again and has never sounded better. I look forward to future projects with you.
Talk to you soon,
-- Billy

The Ibanez artcore AS 73 that you worked on is now a tone machine. The guitar sounds unbelievably good and is everything i knew it could be. I am recommending you to all of my guitar buddies now.
Thanks again...
-- Jeff D.

I'm absolutely delighted with the 76 Fender Twin you Blackfaced and overhauled for me. Your top notch expertise and service is unparalleled. With you I always know my Vintage Amps will get the best attention and care obtainable.
-- Ron

Hey Jim,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work that you did on my guitar! It was immediately apparent upon opening the case, everything was beautiful... pickups were shining and the inner wrapping that was hanging out was gone. And I couldn't have been more wrong when I supposed that the difference of setup would be wasted on me. Not hardly! This is huge. Much easier to play. And it's in tune everywhere! Thanks.
-- John

The amp sounds awesome - it sounded good before, but now... damn. Thanks for the great work!
-- Mike

When I recorded at Big Blue Meanie for H&D, I tried many other amps along with yours, Marshall Plexi, Marshall JCM 800, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Mark IV combo, Fender Twin. The Fender Pro Reverb that you modded for me killed all of them. The Somma Modified amp and double boost pedal was the only amp used on the whole freakin' record. Nothing came close! My producer, and engineers on the record were shocked! All the prep work to my pedals and guitars were also done by you which made the guitar sound ungodly. Jim if I didn't have you for those sessions, it wouldn't have sounded nearly as good. Many thanks.
-- Nick

Hi Jimmy,
Just wanted to let you know I got the Princeton over the weekend, and it sounds awesome. I'm very happy with it. Thanks for the t-shirt too, I'll wear it with pride!
-- Mose


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