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"They make great class A hand-wired amps. I use a 40 watt that's switchable down to 20 watts. It's really an incredible amp! I've owned Fender Deluxes, Marshall JCM800's and lots of other amps, but this is the best one I've ever owned. I really love it"
--Jason Isbell (Vintage Guitar Interview)

"The Roaring-40 shines for it's overdrive, circuit design, a versatile set of controls and top-notch components"
--Vintage Guitar Magazine

"They brought it out to the NYC show and I couldn't let them take it back! A ridiculously well-made and great sounding amplifier"
--Jason Isbell (solo artist)

"These cats build the best hand-made boutique amps... I'm in love with it!"
--Mike Cooley (Drive By Truckers)

"...the Roaring-20 still beats out all the other amps I own, making it much easier to sell off the other amps in my collection!"
--Bill Stuart (amp collector)

"It felt like I was playing a baritone sax! The dynamic range of my playing has never been this pronounced"
--Mark Dziuba (Director of Jazz Studies, SUNY University)

“For my entire pro career I’ve been searching for the ultimate in true tone, but was just never able to “dial it in” completely in any of the off the shelf guitar amps. But, all that changed when I plugged into my Sommatone Roaring 40. From large concert halls to smaller club venues, the tone is so consistently rich and fat, and has the most true and natural tube sustain I’ve ever experienced. And the bonus… my smokin’ Roaring 40 gave me the ability to lighten up my pedal board, too. Quite simply, I’m hooked… thanks Jim!”
--Alan Grant (Primitive Soul)

"I've experimented with so many different amps in the studio and nothing compares to the versatility of the Sommatone Roaring 40. I finally found an amp that can do everything I want!"
--Evan (Dive)
Sommatone Roaring 20 & 40

These single channel "Class A" amplifiers are inspired by the tone and features of vintage amps. The combination of a well filtered power supply and original circuitry allow these amps to move some serious air, yet remain articulate no matter how hard they're driven – no mushy response here.

Tonally, the amps cover a wide range of sounds, from chimey clean to thick overdriven tones, and everything in between; controls are sensitive and interactive, yet any setting is exceptionally musical. Make no mistake - this is not a replica. You won't see this circuitry, build quality or tonal flexibility in any other amp on the market. Hear the difference.

The reverb circuit is unique as it's wired in parallel with the preamp versus series used by most amp manufacturers. Because of this, our reverb circuitry doesn't color or change the sound in any way.

Construction, Components & Features

The Roaring amps are constructed using true point-to-point wiring. By mounting all components directly to tube sockets, jacks and pots, we are able to ensure the purest signal path, maximum touch sensitivity and the least amount of tonal degradation. Our amps are handmade and extensively tested for tone as well as reliability.

  • Heavy gauge welded aluminum chassis
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Quad of EL-84's (Pair for R-20) cathode biased
  • Three 12AX7's, five w/reverb
  • F&T and Sprague electrolytic capacitors
  • Fast recovery diode rectifier
  • Silver-plated Teflon wire
  • Carbon film and metal film resistors
  • Tubular polypropylene signal capacitors


  • Blendable bright and normal volume controls
  • Master volume (fully bypassed when cranked)
  • Full set of tone controls: treble, middle, bass
  • Innovative presence control (settings from warm & smooth to chimey & edgy)
  • Reverb mix and dwell controls
  • Impedance selector 4, 8, and 16 ohm
  • Half power switch (R-40 only)
  • Main and extension speaker jacks
  • Foot switchable boost & reverb function


  • 13-ply birch cabinets with Celestion speakers
  • Available in 1x12, 2X10 and 2x12 combo
  • Open or closed back 2X12 extension cabinets


  • 1X12 & 2X10 combo: H=20" W=24" D=9"
  • 2X12 combo: H=20" W=28" D=9"
  • Head: H=9" W=26" D=8 1/4"
  • 1X12 & 2X12: H=20" W=26" D=10 3/4"
  • 2X12 closed back: H=24" W=30" D=12"
  • 4X12 closed back: H=29 1/4" W=30" D=14"

Models & Pricing


  • 1X12 combo w/reverb $2590
  • 2X10 combo w/reverb $2695
  • Head w/reverb $2415
  • Head $2195
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill


  • 1X12 combo w/reverb $2775
  • 2X10 combo w/reverb $2910
  • 2X12 combo w/reverb $3080
  • Head w/reverb $2600
  • Head $2390
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill

     Extension Cabinets

  • 1X12 open back cabinet $650
  • 2X12 open back cabinet $750
  • 2X12 closed back cabinet $900
  • 4X12 closed back cabinet $1375
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill



Earl Slick with his Roaring-40

Roaring-20 Head with Closed Back
2x12 Cabinet w/Standard Tolex & Grill

Roaring-20 Head with Open Back Cabinet 2x12 Red Tolex w/Cane Grill

Roaring-20 1x12 or 2X10 Combo w/ Standard Tolex & Grill

Roaring-40 1X12 combo Cocoa Phoenix Tolex w/Salt & Pepper Grill

Video Demos:

Roaring-40 Demo 1 - Overview & Clean Tones

Roaring-40 Demo 2 - Touch Sensitivity

Roaring-40 Demo 3 - Overdrive Tones


Sound Samples
Clip Guitar, Pickups & Settings Player
On Our Way Custom Tele w/Lollar humbuckers (bridge & neck pickup) Jimmy Somma Wiser Time
Dire Cleans 86 RI Strat w/Virtual Vintage pickups (bridge & middle pickups) Jack Divine
Space Jam 66' Gibson ES-335 w/stock pickups (bridge pickup) Jack Divine
Funk/Blues 57’ Reissue Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot Pickups (neck pickup) Jimmy Somma
Clean Rhythm 57’ Reissue Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot Pickups (neck & middle pickup) Jimmy Somma
Overdriven Rock Rhythm Custom Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot Pickups (bridge pickup) Jimmy Somma
Guitar Volume Demo PRS SE w/Duncan Seth Lover Humbuckers (bridge & neck pickup, then bridge) Jimmy Somma
Clean Jazz Solo Gibson ES-345 (neck pickup) Nat
Clean Jazz Rhythm Gibson ES-345 (neck pickup) Nat
Fusion Solo Gibson ES-345 (bridge pickup) Nat
Texas Blues PRS SE w/Duncan Seth Lover Humbuckers (bridge pickup) Jimmy Somma
Jimmy's Blues Custom Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot Pickups Jimmy Somma
Boost Switch Demo Danelectro U-3 (neck and bridge pickup)
boost off then on
Jimmy Somma
Master Volume Demo PRS SE w/Duncan Seth Lover Humbuckers (bridge pickup)
Master full up, 3/4, 1/2 then 1/4 "bedroom level"
Jimmy Somma
Dead Rock Star Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup) Earl
Boys Gretsch Silver Jet (bridge pickup) Earl
Glitter Bug Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup) Earl
Open Up Gibson Les Paul (bridge pickup) Brian
Slow Blues Epiphone Dot 335 w/Burstbuckers (Neck pickup) Jimmy Somma

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