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"I've owned many amplifiers through the years and I don't think any of them have ever been so quiet, transparent and allow the true characteristics of any of my guitars to shine through. I'm not a tech guy, i just know what sounds good to me. Whether I want a clean "twin" sound or some crunch, this amp just delivers without high end shrillness or low end mud. Ive had the amp for 2 months and have used it live as well as for recording and the results are always.....perfect!!"
--Vic Dello Pello

"Jimmy, just a quick note to say how HAPPY I am with my amp. I've been playing with it for quite some time now and it's easily one of the best investments I've made in my life. The only problem is what to do with all these overdrive pedals (quite fantastic pedals, as a matter of fact) I've purchased over the years. OD-75 kicks serious ass and I'm extremely pleased with it. Thanks!!"
--Mihkel Raud

"With the Sommatone Overdrive-35, I could think about playing my best music in the moment rather than be stung by an amplifier’s shortcomings. I bet you would find it inspiring too"
--Bob Margolin (Legendary Blues Guitarist)

"Sounds unlike (in a good way) any 6L6 amp I’ve ever heard"
--Jay Kumar (AmpGas/Woodytone)

"This amplifier will define the genre for anyone seeking amazing, inspirational tones who also needs ultimate volume control for small clubs, recording or playing at home or for those who play huge stages/venues using in-ear monitors. This is like a new dawn in the expected capabilities of a guitar amplifier."
--Stu Carter

"Hey Jimmy - After gigging with the amp all weekend and the past 2 nights I've come to 2 conclusions. One, you're a freakin' genius and two, I'm done! This is hands down the greatest sounding, looking and performing amplifier I've ever owned. It's taken over 30 years of playing to find this amp, a perfect mate. My deepest thanks and appreciation for what you do!"
--Mark Dziuba (Director of Jazz Studies, SUNY University)

"Sure, my Germino cranked had amazing Marshall tone, my 3 Monkeys has great tone, and so does my Blueverb. But they all required me to turn them up to LOUD, before they really would get into their sweet spot. I had to use pedals with them for that crunch or OD sound. Not with the OD35. No pedals needed. That sweet spot open tone stays even when the Master volume is turned down. That is truly a great feature to have. I have yet to scratch the surface on this amp or even try it with my other guitars."
--Jeff Silverman
Sommatone Overdrive 35 & 75 - Kick your tone into Overdrive

The Overdrive amplifier is inspired by the tone and features of vintage tube amps but has its own unique character. This single channel class A amp has all the clean twang you would need but with plenty of gain on tap for some serious overdrive. The combination of a well-filtered power supply and original circuitry allow these amps to remain punchy, articulate and artifact-free no matter how hard it's driven - no weird ghost notes or odd harmonics here!

The amp covers a wide range of sounds, from bold cleans to fluid singing overdriven tones, and everything in between; controls are sensitive and interactive, yet any setting is exceptionally musical. As with all Sommatone amps - this is not a replica, you won't see this circuitry, build quality or tonal flexibility in any other amp on the market.

Given that the reverb in our Roaring series gets rave reviews, we decided to incorporate it into the Overdrive's design. We've configured this exclusive circuit in a way that enables us to offer reverb as an option by wiring the reverb in parallel with the preamp (versus series which is used by most amp manufacturers). Because of this, the added circuitry doesn't color or change the tone in any way. The reverb blends with each note and becomes part of the sound as opposed to "riding" on top or at the tail end of it. The result is a lush, full sound.

So, kick your tone into Overdrive, hear the difference…

Construction, Components & Features

The Overdrive is constructed using true point-to-point wiring. By mounting all components directly to tube sockets, jacks and pots, we are able to ensure the purest signal path, maximum touch sensitivity and the least amount of tonal degradation. Our amps are handmade and extensively tested for tone, consistency and reliability.

  • Heavy gauge welded aluminum chassis
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Quad of 6L6s (pair for OD-35) cathode biased
  • Three 12AX7s, five w/reverb
  • JJ and Sprague electrolytic capacitors
  • Fast recovery diode rectifier
  • Silver-plated Teflon wire
  • Carbon film and metal film resistors
  • Tubular polypropylene signal capacitors
  • Blendable bright and normal volume controls
  • "Brighter" pull switch on bright volume
  • Master volume (fully bypassed when cranked)
  • Full set of tone controls: treble, middle, bass
  • Presence control (settings from creamy & smooth to twangy & bright)
  • Reverb mix and dwell controls
  • Impedance selector 4, 8, and 16 ohm
  • Half power switch (OD-75 only)
  • Main and extension speaker jacks
  • Foot switchable mid boost & reverb function


  • 13-ply birch cabinets with Celestion speakers
  • Available in head, 1x12, 2x10 and 2x12 combo
  • Open back 1x12, 2X12 & 4X12 extension cabinets


  • 1X12 and 2x10 combo: H=20" W=24" D=9"
  • 2X12 combo: H=20" W=28" D=9"
  • Head: H=9" W=26" D=8 1/4"
  • 1X12 and 2x12 cab: H=20" W=26" D=10 3/4"
  • 4x12 cab: H=29 1/4" W=30" D=14"

Models & Pricing

Overdrive 35

  • 1X12 combo w/reverb $2775
  • 2X10 combo w/reverb $2910
  • 2X12 combo w/reverb $3080
  • Head w/reverb $2600
  • Head $2390
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill

Overdrive 75

  • 1X12 combo w/reverb $2895
  • 2X10 combo w/reverb $2995
  • 2X12 combo w/reverb $3195
  • Head w/reverb $2775
  • Head $2595
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill

Extension Cabinets

  • 1X12 open back cabinet $650
  • 2X12 open back cabinet $750
  • 4X12 closed back cabinet $1375
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill



Overdrive 35 1X12 Combo w/Black Levant Tolex & Silver Matrix Grill Cloth

Overdrive 35 Head with Open Back 2X12 Cabinet Wine Tolex w/Salt & Pepper Grill

Video Demo courtesy of Greg V & Fat Sound Guitars of the Overdrive-35

Video Demo courtesy of Fat Sound Guitars of the Overdrive-35

Video Demo from the 2010 NY Amp Show of the Overdrive-75

Video Demo from the 2009 Nashville Amp Expo of the Overdrive-35

Video Demo from the 2009 NY Amp Show of the Overdrive-35


Sound Samples
Clip Guitar, Pickups & Settings Player
Doctors Chet Atkins Grestch & ES-359 custom through a head & 2X12 cabinet Rocky Catanese - Let Me Run
Never Said Goodbye (Slide Guitar) 71' Gibson SG w/Burstbuckers (bridge pickup) through a 1X12 combo
(Leslie Guitar) Custom Tele w/Lollar Imperials (bridge & neck pickup) through a 1X12 combo
Jimmy Somma w/Bobby Dreher
Slide Thing 71' Gibson SG w/Burstbuckers (bridge pickup) through a head & 2X12 cabinet Jimmy Somma
Jamall Gibson Les Paul w/Burstbuckers (neck pickup) through a head & 2X12 cabinet Jimmy Somma
Mean 11 Gibson Les Paul w/Burstbuckers (neck & bridge pickups) through a head & 2X12 cabinet Jimmy Somma
Keep It On Slide Guitar - Strat w/S1 switching (neck & middle pickups) through a head & 2X12 cabinet Jimmy Somma Wiser Time
Love & Devotion Slide Guitar - Danelectro U-3 (middle & bridge pickups) through a 1X12 Combo Jimmy Somma Wiser Time
*Master of My Own Skin Rhythm Track - Tele, Verse Riff - Strat, Solo's - Les Paul w/Keely modded TS-9 pedal, 2X12 Cab w/Scumback Greenback 100 watters
This clip demonstrates the versatility of this amp and it's ability work well with any guitar
Stevie D w/Big Nature
**Clean Blues Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot pickups (neck pickup) through a 1X12 Combo Jimmy Somma
**Clean Twang Strat w/Fralin Vintage Hot pickups (bridge & middle pickups) through a 1X12 Combo Jimmy Somma
**Crunchy Twang Tele w/Lollar Imperial pickups (bridge & neck pickups) through a 1X12 Combo Jimmy Somma
**Dirty Shuffle Tele w/Lollar Imperial pickups (neck pickup) through a 1X12 Combo Jimmy Somma

*Sound clips recorded at The Sound Spa in Edison, NJ.

**Sound clips recorded at First Class Recording in Jackson, NJ.

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