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"Fresh strings through the Sommatone Outlaw has become my favorite sound in the whole world."
--Jack Fusco (The Casting Out)

"We are using your amp for my leads on the new record! Sounds better than everything else!"
--Nergal (Behemoth)

"It's rare to find an amp that sounds as good in the studio as it does live, but that's exactly what you get from Sommatone's Outlaw. The amp cuts through, but still manages to retain it's clear and edgy tone. I'll never record another album without one."
--Jeff (Dive)

Sommatone Outlaw

Finally a high gain amp with great tone! Our design concept sought to achieve versatility without the unnecessary features that so often suck the tone right out of an amp. The Outlaw delivers heavy overdrive with plenty of clarity, punch and note definition. As with our other models, less is more, accompanied by the Sommatone build quality that we're known for…hear the difference.

Construction, Components & Features

The Outlaw is constructed with point-to-point wiring. Using a simple discreet circuit, we are able to ensure the purest signal path, maximum touch sensitivity and the least amount of tonal degradation. Each amp is handmade and extensively tested for tone as well as reliability.

  • Heavy gauge welded aluminum chassis
  • Hammond transformers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Pair of 6550's 70 watts Class AB
  • Four 12AX7's
  • F&T and Sprague electrolytic capacitors
  • Fast recovery diode rectifier
  • Silver-plated Teflon wire
  • Carbon film and metal film resistors
  • Tubular polypropylene signal capacitors
  • Gain
  • Treble
  • Middle
  • Bass
  • Volume
  • Focus
  • Impedance selector 4, 8, and 16 ohm
  • Main and extension speaker jacks


  • 13-ply birch cabinets with Celestion speakers
  • Available in Head, 1x12, and 2x12 combo
  • Open back 2X12, closed back 2X12 or 4X12 extension cabinets


  • 1X12 combo: H=20" W=24" D=9"
  • 2X12 combo: H=20" W=28" D=9"
  • Head: H=9" W=26" D=8 1/4"
  • 2X12 open back: H=20" W=26" D=10 3/4"
  • 2X12 closed back: H=24" W=30" D=12"
  • 4X12 closed back: H=29 1/4" W=30" D=14"


  • 1X12 combo $2395
  • 2X12 combo $2585
  • Head $2090
  • 2X12 open back cabinet $750
  • 2X12 closed back cabinet $900
  • 4X12 closed back cabinet $1375
  • $75 up-charge for custom tolex & grill



The Outlaw Head w/Black Levant Tolex

The Outlaw Head w/Black Patchwork Tolex

The Outlaw Head w/Navy Levant


Sound Samples
Clip Guitar, Pickups & Settings Player
*Vh1 83' Les Paul w/original pickups
This clip shows where The Outlaw excels - tight bass and great articulation
Stevie D
*MTV 83' Les Paul w/original pickups
Showcases a fat rhythm tone
Stevie D
Take You There New Les Paul w/stock pickups
Showcases a fat rhythm & lead tone
Hard Rock Medley 66' Gibson ES-335 original pickups - rhythm track
SG Jr w/single P90 - solo tracks
Jack Divine
NK2 Raven West Les Paul w/Duncan Pickups
Jimmy Whip Project

*Sound clips recorded at The Sound Spa in Edison, NJ.

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